Immersive Internships

5 Aspects of Internships at Campamento Nehemías

All of our internships:

The Mary and Marian Woods Builders Program

A cross-cultural leadership program offered each summer which brings together college-age Christians from different lingual and cultural backgrounds to help shape the future of our camp and empower lifelong difference-makers. Use your gifts to impact generations of kids, teenagers, and adults who will visit Campamento Nehemías; create friendships that will last a lifetime! 

We offer two internship durations 1-Month and Summer-Long. While both durations are a part of the same program, the opportunities and focus of each differ slightly. To learn more about the Builders Program, click the Builders Program Overview below. 


1-Month: Arrival--June 20th; Departure--July 20th

Summer-Long: Arrival--May 14th; Departure--August 5th

Who Can Apply: Open to students of all nationalities (must have passport and any other necessary documents). Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to be considered for this program. 

What Are We Looking For: 


1-Month: $1500 + Airfare 

Summer-Long: $3000 + Airfare

Unique to Summer 2023: Our 1-Month internship will center around planning and facilitating weekend camps for Costa Rican young people. In the time leading up to June 20th, interns will be invited to be a part of the planning process through Zoom. Once together in Costa Rica, we will prepare to host over 270 Costa Rican kids, youth, and young adults in three seperate weekend camps. 

We use a video call as the first step in our application process. This is just an informal conversation that provides a better opportunity for you to get to know the camp and for us to get to know you. Click the form below to set up a Zoom meeting with our staff!

Cross-Cultural Practicum

Some universities or majors require cross-cultural experience in order to graduate. We would love to help you fulfill these requirements by introducing you to our camp and some of our neighbors here in Costa Rica. Cross-cultural practicums with Campamento Nehemías are flexible, and we will work with you to meet the specific requirements of your school the best we can!

More info coming soon!