Camp Facilities

Welcome Center - Currently

Expected Cost: $10,000 - Fully Funded - THANK YOU!

"Bienvenidos! Welcome! " The new welcome center (yet to be named) will be the first stop for our teams as well as a showcase for our community. Visitors will be able to see photos of all of the district churches and their Pastors, along with a list of ways that they can support these local churches. This room will house our gift shop filled with art and other custom items created by locals along with t-shirts to help support camp projects. All of the proceeds from sales of handmade items will belong to the artisans and help financially support them and their families. No portion of these funds are retained by the camp. Finally, our visitors can peruse the unique Costa Rican artifacts along with books about the area to deepen their understanding and connection to this wonderful place!

Welcome Center - Future Plans

Isaiah House -Currently

Expected Cost - TBD

Our Isaiah House expansion will have a dorm facility on the first floor and the upper floor will be used as a community and camp meeting space. This meeting space will provide a place for teams to gather for worship and discussions as well as classroom space for our Spanish literacy and English classes. Finally, the space will be available for those in the community to host meetings and Bible Study groups.

Isaiah House - Future Plans

Sidewalks - Currently

Expected Cost: $15,000

One of our most immediate projects is making the cabins (kitchen, dining area, bunkrooms, etc) more accessible by building 4ft wide paved sidewalks throughout the camp. We also want to pave and extend the driveway so that, even if it is rainy and muddy, vans can drive down to the bunkrooms to facilitate unloading luggage, supplies, and other items more easily. Though we are demoing the old sidewalks ourselves, the paving cost for this project will be $15,000 USD. Please prayfully consider donating to help us complete this task.

Sidewalks and Driveway - Future Plans

Greenhouse - Currently

Expected Cost: $2500

The camp has a large greenhouse that is in need of repair to be fully utilized, primarily a new wrap. We hope to use this facility for a few different purposes:

  • Provide fresh fruits and veggies for our teams - we hope to be able to use the produce to prepare fresh and delicious meals for our teams

  • Donate food to food insecure families

  • Offer items for sale as a means of camp support

You can support this project by donating on our support page links!

Furniture Needs


Expected Cost: $13,000

There are 140 mattresses in the camp cabins, all of which have seen better days. We would like to replace all of them with more modern (and comfortable) units. Costs per mattress is $90 each based on a bulk purchase.

Kitchen Tables

Expected Cost: $1,500

We love the existing wooden tables here at the camp but they are suffering from severe termite damage and need to be replaced. Using plastic tables will help us avoid termites and be easier to move based on the needs of the teams.


Expected Cost : $2,500

The matching wooden benches are also full of termite damage and need to be replaced with more mobile and termite-avoiding plastic.