English/Literacy Classes

While the literacy rate in Costa Rica is among the highest in Latin America at 97%, there are still individuals in our community who do not read/write at a functional level. As part of our efforts to fully utilize the camp facilities and pour into the local community, we are offering literacy and English classes. These will be taught by trained teachers and assisted by other camp staff. Our goal is to ensure all of the staff here at the camp, along with anyone else in the community, are able to read and write in Spanish as well as offer the option to learn English.

Student Sponsorship

Unlike some other countries in the world, Costa Rica has a very good, free education system for those who live here. While there are no tuition costs, there are ancillary expenses related to sending children to school:

  • Uniforms and shoes

  • Lunch costs

  • Books

  • School Supplies

  • School Fees

For families unable to provide money for these necessities, sending their children school becomes almost impossible. In order to ease the financial burden and encourage attendance, we created a Sponsor a Student program. Your $500 sponsorships ensures that students have all the material items needed for school and relieves the burden of financial worry that can hinder learning and school success.