Jesus Above All


Our Mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children, youth, and adults by way of camps and missions that serve to foster spiritual growth, Biblical knowledge, the development of Christian leadership, and active faith.

Jesus Sobre Todo

Campamento Nehemías (formerly Campamento Rural Metodista) has been serving the people of Costa Rica for over 70 years as an agricultural and camp facility. We feel so blessed that the Lord has called us into missions here at the camp and have no greater desire than to serve God and the people of Costa Rica.

Our focus is threefold. One, we need to make repairs to the camp so that it meets current building codes and expand the facilities to create a place for young people to grow and learn about the Lord. Two, we hope to utilize the facilities to create classrooms for adult literacy and teaching English. Finally, we want to serve the people of Costa Rica through a feeding program in Pital, a farmer's market to help support the camp and utilize the agricultural resources, connect with local churches to assist with needs within the district, and foster stewardship of the earth with a recycling program. And while our plans are many, we trust that the Lord will shepherd us and remind us that He is above all.